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About us

Rate My Flat is an online database of rental
properties that are rated by their previous
tenants- so you know what you're getting before
you sign the lease

What we Provide

The site aims to provide useful, truthful and objective information so tenants can
make better informed decisions when flat-hunting.
We also provide useful information for both tenants and property owners about
how to improve your home to make it warm, healthy and energy efficient.

If you’re a property owner or property manager,
please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

Working for Everyone

At Rate My Flat, we’re committed to working alongside property owners or
property managers to showcase and celebrate improvements they make in their
properties. We allow property owners to have a right of response to any feedback
and ratings that their property receives.

Let us know if you’d like to see Rate My Flat in
your city or region


At this stage, the site is Dunedin-specific, but we are looking to expand to other
regions in the not-too distant future. Get in touch if you’d like to bring the site
to your area.

Our vision is to see kiwis living in homes that
meet their needs now and into the future.

Our Values

Rate My Flat is determined to help improve rental housing across New Zealand and
empower tenants to make better-informed decisions.
Rate My Flat is a social enterprise and our social and environmental outcomes are
at the heart of what we do. Our profits go back into the venture so we can
effectively reach our vision.


Rate My Flat is a not-for-profit LLC, we appreciate the contributions made our
partners and couldn’t have created this venture without their support

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