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33B Hankey Street

Mt Cook

  • Rent: $600

    Rooms: 4

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2014

      Rent: $600






      About the house: Flat is in a terrible condition and would be more habitable if it was demolished. Windows are mouldy and rotting. Cobwebs in every corner. Spiders (plural) the size of your wrists have been found. Rats and stray cats are about too. Toilet tiles and underground support has been eroded away and it is potentially dangerous to walk in there as the floor could break below you. Carpet has never seen the light of day and looks about a century old from the looks of it. Backyard is pretty much a refuse heap. Strangers wander in and out leaving assorted electronic junk and rubbish on it, which the landlord expects you to clear. Stagnant puddles of water from poor drainage system outside the house could be a ground for breeding mosquitoes. Pipes are mouldy and may have been flagged by the Council. Nothing was done though.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Management company is absolutely dreadful. I can send multiple emails to them and they will either not reply to a single one or "pass it on to an appropriate colleague" after a month of waiting. Woe to you if the rent is a day overdue though, INSTANT email from them requesting for the rent or they will take action. Unhelpful in most matters. Broken tiles and dangerous flatting conditions take months to fix. Poor response rate on many things. When I subleased it through mid year, it took a weeks to arrange any thing due to their ineptitude.

      Best Thing: The location (which is not even that good)

      Worst Thing: Virtually everything else

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