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6 Ethel Benjamin Place

North Dunedin

  • Rent: $1650

    Rooms: 6

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2014

      Rent: $1650






      About the house: Nice modern rooms, 6 Bedrooms each with ensuite. Rooms are all very large, come with furnishings (bed, sofa, TV, drawers etc.). Heater in each room, heat pump downstairs for hallway/kitchen/living area. Modern kitchen with couches in living area. However internet cannot cope with the number of devices using it so dial-up speeds are the norm (0.6Mb/s download on Speedtest.net), plus hot water cylinder not large enough for number of people usually in the house so hot water for most of the year was non-existent (cold water out of the hot water tap no matter how long you run it). Landlord didn't wind up adequately fixing any of these problems. Place would probably have been a lot better if there had been less people in the house (a number of couples living in one room each pushed the total number of people higher than the house could cope with). All in all for the price the landlords are wanting there are much better places around with problems that get fixed rather than left all year.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Doesn't get things done, doesn't really listen to problems that are present. Basically the place is what it is and if you need/want anything changed either expect it not to happen or for it to take a very long time.

      Best Thing: Modern and fully furnished, warm in winter

      Worst Thing: Expect no hot water at all except between 11pm and 6am

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