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107B Wallace Street

Mt Cook

  • Rent: $435

    Rooms: 3

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2012

      Rent: $435






      About the house: This is the worst place I have ever been in, let alone lived in. It was a chilly bin in winter and barely habitable. Upon moving in we discovered there were carpet moths breeding everywhere, and ended up having to bug bomb the place. The first time I vacuumed one of the corners the carpet was literally crawling with bugs. There were a lot of large gaps in the windows so it was basically like living in a tent. It also had the worst mold problem I have ever seen. Black mold grew all over the walls and ceilings even though we aired the place out all day. My furniture grew so much mold that every few days i'd have to clean a thick layer of fresh mold of the back of my things. Many of my clothes had to be thrown out and were often damp to touch. Even the wooden slats on my bed frame were damp, and the screws on my bed frame rusted because the house was so wet. The piles under the bathroom had also sunk a bit,so we lived in fear of the day the floor would give way. This house honestly needs a bulldozer run through it, and it's really sad that someone would rent out a property in this condition with no attempt made to make it a bit more habitable. This is unfortunately not uncommon in Wellington though.

      Landlord/Property Manager: The landlord was nice, and he tried, but really didn't come up with very good solutions to the many problems we had with this flat. For example there was a lot of black mold growing on the ceiling, and he just got a guy in to paint over it.

      Best Thing: Nothing

      Worst Thing: The dampness

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