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21 Marion Street

Te Aro

  • Rent: $680

    Rooms: 5

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2014

      Rent: $680






      About the house: We were initially enamoured with our lovely loft-style apartment in the middle of Wellington when we found it in late 2013. However, it soon lost its charm when we discovered multiple leaks in the roof, holes in the floor, exposed wiring, a complete lack of insulation, only one opening window, a broken toilet seat that, despite repeated requests for a replacement, was not repaired or replaced until after we had vacated the flat in late 2014. Our oven, dodgy at best, downright dangerous at worst, was due for repair in early March 2014. Our repairman removed one of the elements he had been told 'needed repairing', only to have it rust to pieces in his hands. After calling the property manager in front of me to tell him of the developent and the urgent need for repair or replacement, we waited eight months, and countless emails, before eventually receiving a replacement - approximately two weeks before we were due to vacate.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Attempted to hold us responsible for numerous parties/fire engine callouts to the building which occurred while we were not home/were sleeping, because, as stated in his email, "as you are the only new tenants on the top floor and no one else has caused any problems before, the landlord wishes the costs be passed directly to you". Will not arrange repairs/maintenance unless physically confronted and threatened with legal action. Attempted to intimidate young tenants into accepting responsibility for incidents which were of no connection to them, by holding the threat of eviction/fines over their heads.

      Best Thing: Location

      Worst Thing: Indoor temperature/Landlord

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