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8 Blackbridge Road


  • Rent: $370

    Rooms: 2

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2014

      Rent: $370






      About the house: It could be a great place, and at first looks like one! But it's very damp. The landlords have not looked after it. The shower floods after just a few minutes, the bathroom can get very moudly as there are no windows and no ventilation. The deck was supposed to be waterblasted by the landlords but they never ended up doing it - after weeks of emails and calls they ended up just brushing away the slime on it. They landlords live upstairs - and are very noisy at 6am with their kids, especially over the smaller bedroom which makes it impossible to sleep at that time so get used to being an early riser! The dishwasher does not clean dishes properly, and the sink waste disposal thing is great but the tank underneath in the cupboard leaks. We were paying 370, and the rent went up to 385 when we left - it's not worth that amount given the state of the property.

      Landlord/Property Manager: They are very lazy. It takes them months to fix issues, and they aren't friendly. Don't expect a card for Christmas or any sort of good wishes from them. They do not maintain the flat, instead use it as a money spinner.

      Best Thing: Shower pressure.

      Worst Thing: Mould, dampness, cold

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