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21 Ethel Benjamin Place

North Dunedin

  • Rent: $1050

    Rooms: 6

    Ratings: 3

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    • Date: 2015

      Rent: $882






      About the house: Feels like home and you're close to almost everything.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Landlord is definitely one of the best around. Responds fast and deals with petty little things that you're uncertain of.

      Best Thing: living room

      Worst Thing: insulation

    • Date: 2018

      Rent: $900






      About the house: Flat is in prime location with a cool backyard. All whiteware plus furnishings are included, and the landlord is very good at dealing with any issues. Front two rooms are cold but the rest get lots of sun and heat up well. Lounge is awesome but gets no sun (gets light but sun is fully blocked), but the fireplace and heatpump in the lounge are great. Sleepout is pretty cool and has a covered walkway to the main flat, but has a tin bathroom. Picnic tables in the backyard are ideal, but our BBQ was taken away before we moved in :( Close to Refuel :D

      Landlord/Property Manager: Landlord is great to deal with. Omitted a couple of things that were on the lease, but when questioned, he provided us with them.

      Best Thing: Location, furnishings, backyard, fire plus heatpump for heating

      Worst Thing: Lack of sun in lounge, front rooms don't hold heat

    • Date: 2018

      Rent: $1050






      About the house: All round pretty tidy, groovy good flat - but not worth the price of what is supposed to be $165 next year! Lounge gets no sun at all so is a bit dark. For the insulation it has it is still pretty nippy in the winter. Fire doesn't chuck out much heat (roof is pretty high in the lounge). Since it's only really heated at night there is no means of heat to insulate throughout the day. Front two rooms are rather nippy but grande. Loft room is super good - get a good amount of privacy and don't get any noise. Outhouse (Kennel) also provides good times. Sad that we lost the BBQ but apart from that the back garden is so nice for a sunny day brew. Landlord has been great - always replies with even small issues and lets us know if he needs to come in (a few days in advance) Price is the biggest nah - we pay $150 (between 7) as we have a couple.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Very good.

      Best Thing: Location, back garden, fire place therapy

      Worst Thing: Price.

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