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20 Howe Street

North Dunedin

  • Rent: $4536

    Rooms: 6

    Ratings: 2

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    • Date: 2015

      Rent: $760






      About the house: Its very cold and very damp. Not a ray of sun touches it during winter. Deck is great during summer months but is virtually unusable during rest of year. Room size varies dramatically.

      Landlord/Property Manager: She's an interesting person that's for sure.....We often have differing opinions on flat subjects

      Best Thing: The lounge is quite spacious

      Worst Thing: Winter is a nightmare

    • Date: 2017

      Rent: $4536






      About the house: The Good: Great location!!! Close to campus, close to parties, close to food. The kitchen is lovely! Spacious, easy area to work in even with 4+ people in the same kitchen. Enough storage for everyone's food. The upstairs living room is easily the hottest room in the house, attached to the kitchen. It is big and has a large window that lets in sunlight and provides a nice view of the street. The upstairs bathroom has windows and is very white. This flat is large compared to others, and has a place to park off the street (and or throw parties in!) Large amount of privacy. The Bad: Downstairs is cold. The hallway gets no light, and the washing and drying rack makes the air colder. Downstairs ceilings are high which also give the room a draft. The water pressure is not great, but bearable. If you have a strong head for braving a chill, or don't mind investing in a heater/heated blanket, this place is fantastic. All in all, better than most other flats as it used to be a house.

      Landlord/Property Manager: I have not had any issues with my landlord. They have fixed our wifi and our electric the only times we had problems with them speedily. Once a month, they change the building ad outside on the house wall. We get no say in what is advertised.

      Best Thing: The living room space, and kitchen. All of upstairs.

      Worst Thing: Water pressure isnt the best.

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