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332A George Street


  • Rent: $600

    Rooms: 5

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2015

      Rent: $600






      About the house: My flat this year overall has been an upgrade from previous years! Overall it's been a warm, dry flat and my bedroom even had double glazed windows (double glazing is not present in all of the bedrooms). Because this flat is situated about Bezette Jewellers on George Street, we found it has generally be warmer living above another building. Also the roof and underfloor insulation has helped with this. However, this flat failed its flat warrant of fitness a few technicalities, some more concerning than others. There is no window in the lounge which can lead to a lot of dead in the living area, however as two bedrooms are directly connected off this room we've found it easy enough to ventilate by opening the bedrooms windows. A few of the light sockets in the flat aren't in working condition, this has mainly been a problem on the stairway entrance/exit to the flat because it's dark and dangerous. Also there is no outside lighting, not at the doorway to the flat and none on the alleyway or carpark that the flat backs onto in town, this is particularly dangerous at night because there is no lighting when arriving to or leaving the flat at night through a public carpark and down a public alleyway. And finally, we've also found there to be two working smoke alarms, however there are none in individual bedrooms which is concerning. In general it's a good flat, a few upgrades/altercations need to be make it a great flat and technically sound.

      Landlord/Property Manager: We've found that our property manager will only respond to one flatmate in the flat, and even then is slow/slack on the response. We have problems still from o-week that are still to be fixed. And I personally have found it rude and an annoyance when the landlord has ignored my queries in the past.

      Best Thing: It's generally warm

      Worst Thing: The shower head leaks

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