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175 Strickland Street


  • Rent: $700

    Rooms: 5

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2015

      Rent: $700






      About the house: the flat itself was nice. the landlord was a crazy deluded mess of a human. she often came over without notice, she spied on us, she tried to trespass our friend because from time to time he crashed on the couch, she told the neighbors that we all had mental health problems. when we moved out she stole allot of our stuff and threw the rest away. she was rude and stand offish and constantly broke tenancy laws. she made rented out our lounge and called it a bedroom and left us with almost no communal space. the list goes on. rent was waaay to high. $750 a week. which for a 5 bedroom house is ok but it was a 3 bedroom house which had a sun room and a lounge which she counted as bedrooms. it was horrible and dirty when we moved in with rubish piles in the back yard which she refused to move and even made it our problem giving us notice and threatening to kick us out if we didn't do anything about it. it should be noted that she was found guilty of fraud when she ripped off EQC which is such a scummy thing to do in my opinion considering those funds are limited and are there to help people not there to pay for your renovations. worst flat of my life. she kicked us out illegally and then took us to the tribunal for the rent that wasn't paid after she kicked us out and stole everything in the house that we didn't get the chance to remove.

      Landlord/Property Manager: krishna is insane. she owns a few properties in christchurch and if you can avoid her at all costs.

      Best Thing: some of the people were great. the flat itself was pretty bad especially with no lounge.

      Worst Thing: the lack of communal space and obviously the horrible landlord con artist

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