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44 Brockworth Place


  • Rent: $600

    Rooms: 6

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2011

      Rent: $600






      About the house: There is absolutely nothing good about this flat. It is moldy, cold, full of holes, un-cared for and the landlord is the most assholic guy ever. He didn't lodge our bond with the Tenants Tribunal, and then tried to keep it all at the end of the year for 'damages' not caused by us. There is a 4-bed house and a 2 bed sleep-out, both with a full bathroom. One-car garage on site. The house should have been condemned. The entire house was moldy, with a huge leak on the north side that turned the entire thing black with mold, and when we complained he ignored us then brought around a 'builder' who told us it was because we dried our washing inside, which we did not do. Issues we brought up were not addressed, ever, and the flat had holes in the walls and damage from previous tenants which was never fixed. There was rubbish underneath the floor, around the house and sleepout and on top of the house, and this was not addressed although we complained about it. The fireplace fell down into the living room because of the earthquake, and this was never fixed by the landlord. We had to clean out the bricks and debris and fix a board over the hole left behind ourselves, and there was never any earthquake inspection or fixing done. Any problems we reported to him was left unaddressed for time periods ranging from days, for urgent things like no water, to never addressed. When we left, he tried to keep our bond for things that did not exist, like claiming we had taken the oven racks and smoke alarms- which we had not- a broken dishwasher button and other pre-existing damage that was marked on the tenancy agreement and for an emergency callout we had made to a plumber after an earthquake when we thought that a pipe had broken, as we had no water and we could see water gushing onto the road. Several of the doors inside the house, including my bedroom door and the bathroom door, were actually sliding doors which could not be locked or adequately secured, and the outside of the house and sleepout was derelict and had weatherboards coming off. When we moved in, although smoke alarms were listed on the agreement there were none on the property, and my parents actually brought us some before letting me stay there. This was never addressed by the landlord. We would have never flatted here if we had not been promised when we saw it that the property would be fixed before we moved in, which it was not, and if we were not first-time flatters with no clue.

      Landlord/Property Manager: DO NOT FLAT HERE HE IS USELESS

      Best Thing: We had a washing line on the front porch, which was good

      Worst Thing: ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Mold, Landlord, everything. Worst flat I've ever seen.

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