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74 Cargill Street


  • Rent: $475

    Rooms: 5

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2015

      Rent: $475






      About the house: - It's pretty cheap - The shrieking shack/haunted house aesthetic is pretty funny (ripped wallpaper in hallway etc.) - No heating so obviously it's freezing - Front two rooms get quite a bit of sun but the back 3 rooms get none - Shared laundry with flat below (laundry is a filthy shed/room down the side of the house that also looks like the shrieking shack). - There was dodgy wiring throughout the flat but the landlord didn't want to fix it until we were out of the house (hopefully it's fixed now) e.g. was vacuuming in lounge while music was playing in a bedroom, powerpoint in the bedroom overloaded (??), blowing the speakers (neither the powerpoint or the speakers worked again). - Had a dripping tap in the bathroom from the beginning of the year that we repeatedly asked to be fixed but it wasn't resolved until a month before we moved out (you could hear the tap running from my bedroom). - The loft bed in one of the rooms is a funny feature but your head will touch the ceiling when you sit up, and there is black mould on the ceiling. You'll probably be sick a lot throughout the year (I was). - Major drafts from windows in many rooms. Letter slat in front door didn't close so there was a constant draft through the hole. - Potentially haunted, there was creepy writing on some of the doors including "demons, how can we escape them?" - If you want to save money then you'll survive, just don't spend much time at home.

      Landlord/Property Manager: We had no contact with the landlord, the property manager contacts them on the tenants' behalf. The property manager was very nice but the landlord had all the control and didn't fix any of the problems we had while we were there.

      Best Thing: Cheap

      Worst Thing: Freezing, mouldy

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