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72 Tory Street

Te Aro

  • Rent: $580

    Rooms: 2

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2016

      Rent: $580






      About the house: The good: It's close, clean and warm. In the entire year, I put the heater on once and thought about it less than five times. Normally, the flat is too hot for me (but it has a huge deck door so if you leave that open, it's okay). It's up to 100% of the earthquake code (or more) so it's safe in an earthquake and seems to sway the right way (so that the fridge doesn't fall over and nothing will fall out of the pantry - anything on the shelves above the kitchen may be gonners though) but I don't know if that was just these recent earthquakes or if it'll be true for all earthquakes. The view is lovely - you'll get to see free fireworks at Guy Fawkes, and the Great War memorial lit up for ANZAC day. You get some sun late in the afternoon in summer. Not a heap though, which is okay since the flat is so warm. The bad: The flat is not sound proof. If someone in the complex slams a door, your entire flat will shake and you'll hear it. If they talk loudly in the hall ways or on their decks, you'll hear it (although the deck door is double glazed, so that helps a bit). People upstairs walking around in the middle of the night? Light sleepers are going to have a rough time. There's not much storage. There's only one draw for the freezer (the fridge is big in comparison), but there isn't really anywhere to store a vacuum cleaner / mop, bathroom stuff, shoes, etc. If you like your areas to be tidy but your flatmate owns stuff, you're going to have a bad time. The internal room has little peace. There's no curtain for the windows, so your room won't be very dark for long (the lounge curtains let in a fair amount of light). The extractor fan's engine is next to your wardrobe so you'll hear if the bathroom fan is on or if the circulation is on - closing your wardrobe doors helps a bit, but not heaps. The bathroom lights are loud enough to hear through your wall. If your flatmate talks in the hallway or lounge, you'll hear every word. And likewise, there's no where you can go to talk in private - anything you say when your flatmate's home could easily be public knowledge. The other room seems a little better, but wasn't mine so I can't say for sure. There is a rain pipe next to that room though, so the water is loud when it rains. It may be safe in an earthquake, but it's still scary. Since the building is meant to sway, you'll feel the shakes worse than a normal house would. It can be fun, though, if you want to experience an earthquake safely - just as long as you're not trying to sleep. It's noisy when the deck door is open - car alarms, people talking, general traffic, gcsb protests... you can pick either a pleasant flat temperature or peace. Both are rarely an option. The okay: The flat is well insulated, except for the kitchen extractor fan. That has a draft that's noisy and means that the flat could get cold if you have a long stretch of bad weather.

      Landlord/Property Manager: The landlord is pretty good.

      Best Thing: Location

      Worst Thing: Noise

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