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7A Jura Street

North East Valley

  • Rent: $150

    Rooms: 4

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2017

      Rent: $150






      About the house: Good features: Lots of crockery and cutlery already there. Furnished. Heat pump in the living room. Washer and dryer. Vodafone fibre broadband installed April 2016 (I think). Bad features: Not much storage space. Disparity in bedroom sizes. Very small cramped downstairs bathroom. Vacuum cleaner isn't very good. Far away (3km) from the Octagon.

      Landlord/Property Manager: The landlords are a husband and wife who are experienced with having tenants. They can't respond to problems in person very quickly because they have two children, but they do their best to answer any questions over email. They always give a few days' warning via text to the existing tenants before a prospective tenant comes to visit, and always remind us a day before. Their ideal tenants are sensible, quiet and hardworking students, so they leave us to our own devices when it comes to cleaning. Lastly, they're considerate - if you've reported a problem with the flat or the people they'll take it into consideration and help you solve it/make sure it doesn't happen again.

      Best Thing: It's great value for money - $150 p/week for rent AND power AND internet.

      Worst Thing: Outdated equipment that we can't afford to replace makes the flat very hard to clean.

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