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819 George Street

North Dunedin

  • Rent: $725

    Rooms: 5

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2017

      Rent: $725






      About the house: The bad: No storage spaces (excluding wardrobes), single glazed living area with terrible curtains, very little direct sun in living area, bad ventilation in downstairs bathroom (window doesn't open very far), something wrong with the wiring that causes lights to blow often, downstairs bedrooms get little sun, pretty average washing line, nowhere to dry clothes inside, upstairs shower leaks really badly, 2/3 upstairs bedrooms have skylight type windows which are all good but the blind things that pull down over them don't block out the morning sun at all, PARKING IS A BITCH. The good: Gas stove, good sun in the upstairs bedrooms, separate laundry, has backyard area with washing line, big deck out the front, bedrooms are a good size, kitchen and bathrooms are in a pretty good state, close to Uni, carpet/walls/etc all in really good nick. Honestly not a bad flat overall, just cold with a few annoying issues. Interesting: Gas/Electricity combination, two bathrooms, works well to sign as a group of ten with the flat next door.

      Landlord/Property Manager: You have to get in contact two or three times to get a response but he does eventually get around to fixing everything up, just a bit slow. Friendly guy, quite keen on DIY jobs. Has a tendency to prioritise the less important jobs (been here 5 months and the leaky shower hasn't been fixed, but we have a new toilet roll holder)

      Best Thing: signing as a group of ten with the flat next door, pretty good size and I had a nice sunny upstairs bedroom

      Worst Thing: cold without the heatpump on, no storage, shit curtains, nowhere to dry clothes inside, very little sun, parking is a nightmare

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