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9 Lynton Road

Mount Wellington

  • Rent: $440

    Rooms: 2

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2014

      Rent: $440






      About the house: Heavy pressure to sign the rental lease without a decent pre-inspection and time to ask questions and get adequate answers. Very slow to fix dangerous damage to fittings, with exposed live electrical wiring. Despite discovering previous damage what could affect habitability, refusal / dragging feet to get it fixed. On informing the landlord(s) (see "Do you deal with..."), aggressive and vague threatening behaviour toward previous tenant. Generally no inspections. However if they learned I arranged to fix something (which they dragged their feet on) there would be an tense inspection in short notice. Inspecting the property without adequate legal notice or outside legal times. One occasion of arriving home at night to find the property being inspected too early, too late at night, and having to deal with a 'henchman' the landlord had brought along. High rent for the quality of the property and above average for the rent of the area of the time. Not lodging of bond by the landlord. At the time the landlord appeared in tribunal for previous refusal to lodge bond, and was revealed this was his 4th appearance. No services provided such as gardening or general maintenance - tenant has to take care of all of these. Was treated rudely if inspections found garden maintenance was not to an unspecified standard. One of the landlords (see below) eventually did some proper maintenance on the property (repaired rotting fence, fixed peeling paint on outside). Dealing with middlemen - not the landlord or a specified property manager, but someone else. Was new each time. Each appeared to have very strong property law knowledge and sometimes acted rudely or like I was some kind of nuisance.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Be VERY suspicious of these people. They will seem friendly and professional but they are actually only after a profit. They will revolve the landlordship to protect themselves and pressure costs and repairs onto you.

      Best Thing: Leaving it. And the small front deck was pleasant and warm in summer.

      Worst Thing: Dealing with the landlords, getting things fixed, keeping warm while keeping bills down.

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