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10A Moat Street

North Dunedin

  • Rent: $700

    Rooms: 5

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2017

      Rent: $700






      About the house: Has a brand new dryer and rangehood. The dishwasher barely washes the dishes. The hot water tank runs out of hot water really fast so only 2 people can have showers one after the other before it goes cold. The kitchen is a good size and rooms are rather small but easy to heat. Some of the windows have barely any seal causing them to be draughty and, in the kitchen this allows ants to get inside. You can't hear anything through the far wall that connects this flat to the neighbouring flat, however, you can hear everything through the bedroom walls within the flat itself. I can hear people in the neighbouring room even if they are whispering and have been kept awake many nights due to being able to hear people having sex etc. The main perc of this flat is that it is easy to heat and the landlord is an absolute gem

      Landlord/Property Manager: The landlord will text you back almost immediately and will come around to the flat the next day or even the very same day you text asking for something to be fixed. Our dryer broke at the beginning of the year and he turned up the very next day with a brand new one, no worries at all. The landlord is very nice and always gives you notice if he's going to come round. The bathrooms in our flat get mouldly after a while and he comes around and cleans them whenever you let him know know the mould is back. The bond is quite cheap for the flat as well and he gives you a bond receipt when you sign. He also gave us an extra heater in the middle of winter to use.

      Best Thing: Good landlord

      Worst Thing: Not soundproof

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