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6 Gladstone Road

North East Valley

  • Rent: $552

    Rooms: 4

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2017

      Rent: $552






      About the house: The flat tends to get a decent amount of sun during the Summer, but in Winter you don't get much, especially not in the morning. It's in a pretty quiet area, other than having Inch Bar across the road, although they are generally not too bad. For what you pay, it's not the best. It's a decent distance from uni, and walking to town takes up half your day. It gets pretty cold, though the room that is next to the main room gets pretty warm whenever the heat pumps on. The rooms aren't that big, though I found mine to be fine for my needs. The water heater is very loud and will wake people up.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Our property manager was really good. We had an issue with the roof leaking during one of the heavy rain days, and he sent a roofer out to fix it within 2 hours of seeing the damage. One big issue was that our contract said hed give us 24 hours notice before inspections etc, but he rarely gave us much more. It would be less than 25 hours, which isn't always an issue, but when the flats a mess it can be a hassle.

      Best Thing: Its really close to New Worlds. Like, literally 30 seconds. I loved it.

      Worst Thing: It was a lot further from Uni/Town than I thought. During the summer its not so bad, but in Winter it wasn't so fun

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