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52a Peary Road

Mount Eden

  • Rent: $390

    Rooms: 1

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2016

      Rent: $390






      About the house: The landlord never fixed anything we requested. We left the flat in a better state than we we given it in. When we moved in we were literally told to mop and vacuum as the last tenants hadn't. When we left he made it as difficult as possible to get our bond back. We needed the money, so in the end had to agree to let him keep some of the bond. He also did this to our neighbours. Having new tenants every year and keeping a portion of their bonds would be a good way to make easy money. Worst of all, he is a property mentor, so likely teaching these tricks to new landlords too. Everything in the flat went mouldy. Everything. No matter how hard we tried airing it out, using the dehumidifier and keeping items away from the wall, it all got covered. We walk had major issues with ants and cockroaches, so matter what we tried to combat them.

      Landlord/Property Manager: He found reasons to never fix anything. Any disputes we had with our neighbours (who were his tenants also) he left for us to sort out ourselves. Issues such as them blocking in our cars and using our bins. Also, take photos before you move in. You will need these if you want any chance of getting your bond back.

      Best Thing: When the lease ended.

      Worst Thing: Everything

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