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3B Memorial Avenue


  • Rent: $497

    Rooms: 4

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2015

      Rent: $497






      About the house: House was listed as 4bd, the master bed is large, the second bedroom is almost a comfortable double with a desk, the other two rooms are a sunroom and converted dining room. The converted dining room acts as a comfortable double, the sunroom is a tight fit for any double bed due to it's width. Parking was claimed as 4 car, we couldn't see how to fit any more than 3 without blocking the house next door. Even with 3 cars one was blocking another from leaving. Need to keep master bedroom windows open otherwise mold will build up on the windowsill. There was a leak in the bathroom ceiling into the shower - which was repaired. Bathroom is tightly packed with toilet, shower, bath, basin, and washing machine.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Seemed like a nice enough fellow, but was clearly trying to pull out as much cash from us as he could. We overpaid rent by a week and he kept telling us his 'accountant was having issues' when we were chasing him up on re-paying it. He none-the-less demanded damages from the bond and when we asked if he could deduct it from the rent owing he doubled down on it coming out of the bond. Being young we complied. We never got the rent back, but he got his bond payout.

      Best Thing: Master bedroom was large

      Worst Thing: No fibre internet because of neighbour consent issues

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