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21 Pirie Street

Mount Victoria

  • Rent: $750

    Rooms: 3

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2017

      Rent: $750






      About the house: Very very warm building. Built in (2005?) so it was very well insulated. In winter we did not use a heater once, putting on a jersey was enough to stay warm. Fantastic amount of sunlight. The lounge and one bedroom get western afternoon/evening sun, and all the bedrooms got northern morning/midday sun. Absolutely no mould on walls or ceiling throughout our tenancy. Very expensive ($250 per person per week) for quite a small apartment, but rents were quite high in the area at the time. There is a lot of industrial noise starting around 7.30am every day (except Sunday) from the mechanics across the street. There were also renovations going on at the garage next door while we lived there which was very loud for a couple of months until we moved out. Not sure when they'll end but not likely to be more than another couple of months. There was also quite a loud street sweeper that went around every night at about midnight or 2am. Bedrooms are all a good size. The bathrooms have no ventilation to the outside, so when running the dryer, even if you had the fan on you had to keep the bathroom door and balcony door open otherwise the bathroom (and lounge somewhat) would get very very humid. Despite that we still didn't get any mould as keeping the door open seemed to be fine. Great location, very close to bus stops and all city amenities. Car park was $50 per week extra if you wanted it so its not particularly suitable to those with a car. Shower has good water pressure, but hot water runs out after about 15 minutes. So with two of us starting work at the same time each morning we had to take quite short showers and the second person would usually have to finish their shower with cold water. I'm not sure how sound proof the walls/floor between the different apartments are. We did not hear the other flats at all, but had a couple of complaints about singstar at ~9 on a Friday/Saturday evening and talking loudly on a Sunday afternoon (with about 8 people gathered in the house). So not a place suitable for having many guests over but within reason is fine.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Dave was a very good landlord, when we had anything minor that needed to be fixed he would respond in a few hours and we would be able to get the repair done in the next day or two.

      Best Thing: Location, sun and warmth in winter

      Worst Thing: Industrial noise from the mechanics across the street.

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