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378G Leith Street Central

North Dunedin

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  • Rent: $185

    Rooms: 8

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2018

      Rent: $185






      About the house: No central heating and the space heaters provided are not the best. In order to prevent mould in the bedrooms we have to leave the windows open for part of the day. Basically, it gets cold. I don't think it bothers my flatmates, but I very much dislike the all glass front door. There isn't anything over it, so people can see into the flat at night (not the main living area, but one of the bedroom doors and the bathroom doors). It's UniFlats so you pay more than you would for an off campus flat, but the services and location are great and it's useful for meeting other international students.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Repairs normally take a week or so, but they respond to things like lost key, lightbulbs, rent concerns, flatmate concerns almost immediately.

      Best Thing: Wood paneling on the inside makes the flat look like a cozy ski chalet. The windows in my flat bedroom are really big and get lot's of light.

      Worst Thing: The kitchen is really, really small for 6 people (especially with one fridge and very limited cupboard space).

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