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27A Anzac Avenue


  • Rent: $1043

    Rooms: 7

    Ratings: 1

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    • Date: 2018

      Rent: $1043






      About the house: The location means you are right next to the Farmers market on Saturdays which is really cool, as well as this it's in a secluded area in that there aren't lots of nearby flats which is nice (i.e. less worry about people calling noise control, less worry about our cars etc.) We have our own car park which fits at least 6 cars which is one of the best things about the flat. It's upstairs and warms up really quickly with the heat pump on. The windows on the East are beautiful and let in great light, especially during the sunrise in the morning. Some not so great things are that some of the bedrooms are a little small compared to other Dunedin flats, the floors are on a bit of a lean and they creak badly in some places.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Our landlord does not live in Dunedin, however when we needed something they would be quick to respond and help us contact the right people to fix what we needed to have done. Sometimes this took a while for the person to come (e.g. when we needed the ceiling fixed it took weeks for someone to come), but usually it was sorted within a few days.

      Best Thing: Warmth and the big windows

      Worst Thing: Creaky, uneven floors

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