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19 Queen Street

North Dunedin

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  • Rent: $330

    Rooms: 1

    Ratings: 2

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    • Date: 2018

      Rent: $320






      About the house: Black mould growing in every room in the house, on the carpet, bed frame, fridge, window sills, bathrooms, and microwave. House is like a construction site, people doing daily work in a unit below us with heavy tools, strangers on the property daily, and landlord visiting our unit weekly. Expensive for the damp conditions - no sun - colder inside than outside - only 4 window that open 2-3 inches - loud noises constantly - strangers on property 24/7.

      Landlord/Property Manager: Ultimately, this landlord has breached our rights as tenants countless times, changed agents mid-year without informing us, given out private info without consent. Disrespectful landlord that knocks on door to complain about rubbish, or anything she observes while constantly working around the unit and comes over without a meeting or 48hr notice. She allows others access and given a key to strangers without consent, without notifying us, and we still cannot get in contact with her. Changed our contract mid-year, and has yet to contact us about it. Allowing others authority over us and our property without discussing it with us or written confirmation proving that our contract changed.

      Best Thing: Nothing - the view.

      Worst Thing: Everything/ the landlord.

    • Date: 2018

      Rent: $330






      About the house: Mould everywhere - Landlord on property 24/7 - Dodgy tenancy with landlord giving keys to our unit to strange companies not signed into the contract - Poor living conditions - expensive for bad quality

      Landlord/Property Manager: Shes dodgy, tries to cut corners, unresponsive and disrespectful. On the property constantly and only wants to communicate with you in person. She will knock on your door to talk about your rubbish, and constantly peers through the curtains if she thinks were not home.

      Best Thing: The view

      Worst Thing: Everything

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